What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is perhaps the most important form of therapy offered by Top & Tail. A remedial massage is performed with the desired outcome being to relax the horse and initiate healing within all systems of the body, not just the muscular system. As remedial massage techniques are applied to the horse, the parasympathetic nervous system will be stimulated, producing a calming effect. An equine myofunctional therapist will be constantly assessing the musculature of the horse, identifying any areas of concern such as those with tension, atrophy, hypertrophy or a reduced range of motion. Once identified, these areas will receive attention in the form of tailored massage techniques. With the application of more specified techniques remedial massage aims to reduce tension within the muscle structures, helping the body heal naturally. All systems within the body are stimulated by myofunctional therapy, this helps the body remain in a natural state of balance known as Homeostasis. Remedial massage therapy is an in-depth practice and therefore takes time to complete. The average duration of a remedial massage is around 45 minutes, however this time frame may vary according to the individual needs of each horse. It is important to note that your horse will require some time to rest after a remedial massage, as each horse has different needs the recovery time will be discussed with the owner directly upon consultation. Please allow for more than one treatment to see more visible results, remedial massage therapy must be thought of as a process, working with the horse to heal them naturally.

Is Remedial Massage Right for My Horse?

Remedial massage therapy is suitable for horses of all breeds, disciplines, workloads and ages (provided they are well handled and halter trained). Soft tissue dysfunction is not limited to horses with intense workloads or those with notable injuries, it can impact any horse because of simple things such as faults in their conformation, or an ill-fitting saddle. Whether you're looking to improve your horses health, temperament or performance ability a regular schedule of remedial massages may help achieve your goals and improve your horses quality of life. However, please be aware that a massage practitioner may only assess soft tissue dysfunction and will not replace the valued input of your qualified veterinarian.


Remedial Massage:

$70 per massage

45 minutes (or more)

Includes the following:

- Horse History Review

- Conformation and Gait Analysis

- Flat Hand Assessment (soft tissue assessment)

- Remedial Massage Therapy

- Passive Stretching (optional)

- Personalised Report

- Recommended Exercises

- Referrals


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